Sunday, 2 June 2013


Last night my twin sister and I were still up at 4:00 am for some reason; probably because last night was quite muggy...anyway, we couldn't get back to sleep so we got up and opened up the window and the sky was getting lighter. I think the simplest things in life are the most beautiful- and this was one of those things. I just loved the way it looked, the world was waking up.

Then we searched up what time the sun was due to rise at: 4:49 am. I really wanted to watch the sunrise, I've never properly seen it rise and I just really wanted to see it so we stayed up. I sat up in my bed and I was listening to music; we had the window open and the air was so fresh and just smelt so crisp. The birds had been tweeting ever since we woke up, it was just so tranquil. Before I knew it, the sky was light as day and we could see the sunrise to our left. It was just so beautiful. 

I watched the sunrise on June 1st 2013; the month that marks the end of my GCSE exams, four years with Type 1 Diabetes, my third time doing the Race For Life, my hba1c appointment, Parliament with Diabetes UK and a few family member's birthdays, including my dad's on June 5th. All in all, June is going to be a pretty hectic month- so it was nice to start it off with the peaceful sunrise. 

Pinch, punch, first day of the month.


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