Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Scary needle?

So, yesterday I went to change my infusion site. I use Mio inserters for my pump, Maurice.

Anyway, as I pushed down on the sides of the inserter- it didn’t fire in straight away so I had to try again. Suddenly, I just froze. I was suddenly overcome with a sense of apprehensiveness that I had only experienced once or twice before- but this time it was different.

This time, I couldn’t do it because I was just too afraid. Before it was some slight worry about how it would feel but that was when I was new to the pump. Nearly two years on and I found myself feeling somewhat afraid of the needle which had pierced my skin many times before.

I don’t know why I felt so anxious about pushing down those buttons for the second time- but I did. I suppose we all feel fear at some point in our lives and maybe at that moment I let fear break through. I am not afraid of needles but yesterday was strange- to feel a sense of hesitance in inserting the cannula was an usual feeling for me.

Thankfully,  I found the courage to carry on and inserted my infusion site which caused me hardly any pain, which made me more confused as to why  I got slightly scared of the insertion.

Oh well, we all have our days.


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