Thursday, 6 June 2013

Parliament with Diabetes UK

I realise I haven't posted in a few days but I'm back now. To tell you about one of the most brilliant days I have ever had. It was also my dad's birthday; which was fab.

Yesterday was the Parliamentary Lobby for Diabetes UK's Type 1 Essentials campaign:

I had a really lovely day and enjoyed every second of it. It was great to finally put faces to names, like Joe and Helen. My speech (by the sounds of it) went really well. I'm glad I didn't fall over whilst walking up to the microphone or one of the other ridiculous thoughts I had running through my head before my talk. Everyone was really friendly and it was nice to meet Richard Lane and Barbara Young, and well, everyone else from Diabetes UK too and the families and MP's. I had a brilliant time. I even got to speak to my local MP Andy Love.

I was surprised how many said to me they had read my speech and really liked it. I was so happy. and to my surprise a lot said to me "Are you Ellie?" It was fabulous to be so recognized by people. I am sad that it is over but I have been left with great memories never the less. I hope I can do something similar and talk to people for Diabetes UK again. I will never forget Wednesday 5th June 2013. And, thank you to Diabetes UK for the opportunity; I never thought I would say I've done a speech in the House of Commons.

Anyway, this is only a short blog post! I just got back from Westfield and found my prom dress which  I am very happy about. Scroll down for some pictures from the day.


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