Friday, 28 June 2013

Low blood sugar and a T-shirt

Earlier I had the worst hypo that I've had in a very long time. My blood sugars went right down to 2.5 mmol during which I was playing Sims 3. It was one of those low blood sugars where you just literally stop everything your're doing to wallow in all your low blood sugar and sweet wrappers. I stopped playing Sims for you, diabetes...I hope you're happy! I missed the marriage of my Sims...

Basically, the low blood sugar left me feeling like my whole body was jelly...forget jelly legs, I was jelly body for about twenty minutes. I sat on the sofa shouting "Daaaad! Daaaadd!" then he came in and I asked him for some Orange Juice which tasted heavenly- then he went back into the other room and five minutes later-
"oh Daaaaddyy!"
"Are you ok?"
"Yes, but can I have some bread please I'm hungry now"

I devoured the bread because low blood sugar makes me ravenous, and I mean ravenous. It's hardly an exaggeration, I literally get so hungry. My hypo decided to happen before lunch though so when it came to eating lunch which was a couple of hours later it proved rather challenging. Once my blood sugars had come back up to around 3.8 I mustered up the energy to drag myself up the stairs to go and lay on my bed- with my orange juice in tow- once I got to the top of the stairs I was so exhausted I was ready to fall on the floor so I made a half-sprint into my room and just flopped on to my bed.

Then I heard a large crash...woops. I accidentally broke the wooden slats under my bed- they are very annoying and fall out of their positions if you sit on the bed too hard, but I didn't care at the time so I just ignored it and then my sister called up "Ellie, what did you drop?!" I had no idea what to say " phone!" she believed me so all was well. Anyway my bed was caved in and I just lay there because I was too weak to lift up the mattress and put the wooden planks back in beneath my bed.

Then after all that my blood sugars thought they would go up to 13 after lunch because diabetes thinks that it's actions are appropriate.

It's okay though because Diabetes UK made me happy. A couple of days ago they sent off a shirt to me that arrived today. Which has made me very happy indeed and I'm wearing it right now because I am the proud owner of a Diabetes UK shirt. So, thank you very much again Diabetes UK if you're reading this. You're all awesome people!


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